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Good investment returns

Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds, Bonds, these used to be the go to investment options for most Nigerian, especially because of the security they provide. 


With the current monetary policies in place, there has been a decline in returns from most traditional investments leading to more inclination to seek alternative investments and foreign currency based investments as people want to hedge against inflation and devaluation, earn passive income and grow wealth in today’s economy. 


Most Nigerians we’ve discussed investments with, want attractive returns but are also wary of long term products and are not willing to take risks. Typically, higher yielding investments are riskier, this is one challenge FINT set out to solve by providing investors with various alternative investment options. These products are derisked, with returns higher than traditional investments; for example, Agriculture products offer attractive returns from 20% in 9months but span between 6-12 months, with a lump sum payment at the end of the tenure.


Short term investments are particularly attractive because the investors can continue to reinvest to maximize returns while retaining the flexibility to liquidate in the shortest possible time. 


Traditional short term investment options include Treasury bills, fixed deposits and bonds, these options are safe but currently offer close to 0% return on investments and we have seen a good number of investors diversify from these asset classes.


One of FINT’s solutions for investors seeking short term investments is the Agency Banking product. Licensed by the CBN, Super Agents have the mandate to increase financial inclusion in Nigeria, by allowing people perform banking transactions such as deposits and withdrawals outside of banking halls. These Super Agents have a network of mobile agents in strategic locations to help people perform these transactions via POS. Read more about Agency Banking HERE


To grow and make more returns, Super Agents require float financing to increase the transaction volume their registered agents are able to complete daily and to offer them credit lines at very affordable rates to expand their own smaller businesses. Lenders on FINT fund these products and earn more than 2% monthly. This product pays back interest monthly and principal + interest at the end of the tenure with the option to roll over or liquidate monthly.


For example, if you leave N200,000 in your savings account, at the end of the month you would have N200,000 – bank charges, if you leave it for a year you would get N202,300 – bank charges.


If you invest the same N 200,000  in any agency banking product on FINT for a month you would get a minimum of N 203,600 which is higher than what your bank would give you in a year.


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