SCAM ALERT 

We would like to notify the public of some fraudulent person(s) impersonating the FINT brand to scam unsuspecting victims. These impersonators acting as staff of FINT created a fraudulent Facebook page titled FINT Peer Lending and went ahead to duplicate the content from  our original Facebook page. Individuals who contacted said person(s) or commented on this fraudulent page, requesting for loans were sent a link which they were to fill and afterwards asked to pay a “refundable” fee of N10,200 to disburse a loan of any amount up to N200,000; this “refundable” fee is neither refunded nor the fictitious loan granted.

After the payments were made, the victims were blocked from being able to contact them, after which these victims then contacted FINT’s correct contact channels which have always been on our website and social media, to demand for the fictitious loans.  In most cases, the victims had paid to the scammers before reaching out to us. In some cases of the FINT impersonation scam, individuals who had paid were given FINT’s phone numbers by the scammers after the payment had been made and asked to call so that the loans could be disbursed to them.  

FINT would like to emphasize to the general public that we do not ask you to pay any upfront fee for a loan. Also, all applications and processes are done on our platform –, we do not have any mobile app.

Finally, our only communication channels as detailed on our official website is as follows:

Phone: 09082925456, 09066249898

Whatsapp: 09082925456


Twitter: @fint_ng

Instagram: fint_ng


Please be at alert and ensure the safekeeping of all personal information.

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