What Really Is This Peer-To-Peer Lending?

peer-to-peer lending

Here’s what we figured out: you’re just as eager to put your money somewhere as we are to have you give it to us. There are two things the ease with which ponzi schemes catch on or the volume of bets placed daily have taught us: i. Nigerians understand the concept of getting money to work for you as the easiest way to make more of it; and ii. We all always have a little extra money stored up somewhere we’re willing to take a chance on.

Today, we’re giving you a good, viable and certainly not-popular-enough option: peer-to-peer lending. You know that’s what we do at FINT, but do you really know what we are about? Let’s start the breakdown here: when a borrower takes out a loan, he does so at a given interest rate. However, we live in a society where it’s difficult to get a good loan facility that will not bleed you dry – fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective. Peer-to-peer lending – with FINT – solves that problem.

Essentially, we take money from those who have the extra liquidity to give to those who need support and sort of transfer the interest the borrower pays to the lender. In other words, we are like the ‘Uber’ of loans – connecting those who have money with those who need it. We are not a financial institution, we are not investors, we are not loan sharks and we are certainly not money ‘doublers’.

So that explains what we do. Now, we’ll tell you why we do it. Simple: economic value. Everyone can see the signs of an economy headed in the wrong direction. People are getting poorer, unemployment and underemployment are rising, as people are leaving in droves our population is growing in scary proportions and our level of productivity is dropping. Something – or someone – must create an environment to boost growth and development.

Imagine a situation where every viable dream and aspiration could be funded. Picture a society where we can innovate and create solutions because we know we can get the resources to bring our concepts to life. What would become of us if we all had the right tools at our disposal to boost our creativity and productivity? All of this is enabled through funding. Because of this, we chose to fill the funding gap; the potential ripple effects on our economy for every loan that gets funded cannot be ignored.

That said, this isn’t just about being superheroes or saving Nigeria; it’s also about bringing value to you. You should be making much more money than you currently are. You already work so hard so now you need to leverage opportunities where your money works for you. That’s why our interest rates are so competitive. As a lender on our platform you can get as high as 39% in interest. Did you read that? Maybe we should give it to you again: up to 39%. Where else can you get that really?

What’s amazing about the FINT platform is that you get to see exactly what you’re signing up for from the beginning. To give you a quick run through, if you visit www.fint.ng today, you can immediately sign up as a lender. Once your profile is set up, you can check out the loans that are available for you to fund where you will see the credit rating of the borrower, loan details – including purpose, duration, and interest rate – and how much of the loan has been funded. There are no loopholes or trap doors; what you see is what you get.

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