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You work pretty hard, develop your skills, if you are like most employed Nigerians, especially those in Lagos you’re out of your house 5am-9pm everyday putting in the work to take care of yourself and your loved one.

Hopefully you get the accolades you deserve at work. The average adult spends most of their active hours at the office, some are adequately compensated for it while others are not. Most companies reward employees that bring more value to them beyond what they’re hired to do.

More value could be in the form of ideas that could save the company money, improve efficiency, give a competitive advantage over competitors and many more.

Here’s one idea you can introduce to your company that should bring you some thumbs up, even among your colleagues *winks*. You know how it’s some days to the end of the month and members of the team are already broke, some good opportunity came by they want to take advantage of, like a Black Friday deal or even a family emergency to take care and they are asking for a quick raise till the next pay day. 

It could even be you that needs that quick access to funds, we’ve built a product specifically for this purpose.

If you recommend your company to sign up on the Payday Loan product from FINT, everyone wins. Staff can get quick loans without collateral and everyone can rest assured that “money no be problem” as they are able to access funds when needed and pay back monthly over a period of time.

The process is very simple and straightforward, just get a representative of the HR or the person in charge to signup on Once their account is set up someone from the FINT will contact them through the onboarding process.

Oh there’s more, you can earn a commission for each person you refer to borrow.

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